Gym ›› our Lifefitness, FLEX, and Freemotion Fitness professional cable and plate loaded machines are suitable for both body shaping and strength training. We provide help with using the machines and our personal trainers provide workout and diet plans.
You can perform cardio exercises on our CYBEX, Stairmaster, LeMond, and Freemotion Fitness professional cardio equipment, which play an important role in body shaping, conditioning, and endurance training.

Crossfit ›› TRX, HotIron, Kettlebell, Bosu, SMRGYMstick, Monkey bars, Sandbags, Battle Rope, Medicine Ball equipment are also available to incorporate into your workouts in our Crossfit room. You can also use our boxing bag, you just need to bring gloves.

PowerRoom ›› we have new FLEX plate loaded machines for powerlifting.

Personal Training ›› you can increase the effectiveness of your training program by exercising with a personal trainer. With proper guidance, personalized workout and diet plan, you can achieve your fitness goals more effectively.
We also have boxing training! 
info: ‘Personal Training’ page

SZÉP Card ›› all our passes and day tickets can be paid for with it, but you have to pay +5% extra for bank fee.

Bank Card ›› if you want to pay for passes with card, you have to pay +5% bank fee. You don’t have to pay extra for a day ticket.

AllYouCanMove Pass ›› we accept your sportpass: L, XL, XXL, A, B, C, D, E.

Free Wifi ›› available everywhere in the Gym.

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